Technical departments

InnMain is structured in Technical Departments: schools can appoint teachers to those ones if they are interested in. Every Technical Department has a coordinator. The whole group prepare proposals for activities and for teachers ad students mobility.

Department Meeting 2015/16
School management Paide, Estonia, January 11‐13 / 2016
Electricity and Electronics
Human factors and Social skills Valencia, Spain, March 16‐18/2016
HVAC, Refrigeration, Renewable energies and Efficiency energy use Paris, France, March 16‐18/2016
Information and communications technology Galway, Ireland, February 10‐12/2016
Languages Dudley, United Kingdom, February 24‐26/2016
Mechatronics and Automatic installations
Project management Copenhagen, Denmark, May 18th 2016
Relationship with companies Koblenz, Germany, April 27-29 2016
Welding and Mechanics Kuopio, Finland, January 20‐22/2016